A review by Neels Geldenhys, MD and editor-in-chief of �African OUTFITTER� magazine � an international hunting publication based in Pretoria, South Africa.

It would be difficult if not impossible to find anybody alive today who can match Ron Thomson�s African big game hunting experience. It would probably be difficult to find any of the old-time hunters who could match his experience either. He himself is not sure of the exact numbers of Africa�s big game animals that he has hunted but the huge figures he acknowledges are recounted in his website profile. These were all animals hunted in absolute fair chase conditions in wild and remote parts of Africa where the animals could escape to the horizon. The sheer volume of his hunting history is the reason why he is telling his life story in six independent Big Game Hunting Memoir books that are all part of the same series.

GOD CREATED MAN THE HUNTER is the first book in the series. It recounts the author�s early hunting experiences and the training he received in his employment as a national park game ranger in colonial Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). The narrative takes the reader through all the emotional and frightening upheavals that he endured during his early encounters whilst hunting dangerous big game animals, and how he overcame his fears over time. These are stories, therefore, that every hunter is likely to experience when he pursues any one of Africa�s dangerous �Big Five� animals for the first time. By the end of this book the reader will have experienced all kinds of game ranging adventures and some very exciting hunts involving elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard.

The setting for these six books is a wild and colonial Africa that is long gone and will never return. The hunting stories are unique and their circumstances will never be repeated. This, therefore, is a fantastic opportunity for those with a passion for hunting to obtain a very special set of extraordinary African Big Game Hunting books.

Note: Each of these six books is truly independent in its own right. They are, however, chronologically sequential which means the one book leads naturally into the next one. All six books are being printed as limited editions (each 1000 copies only) with a collector�s page. Each book of each series will be numbered and the purchaser�s name will appear in calligraphy on the collector�s page. And it will be there signed by the author, too. Those who buy the first of these books will be given preferential consideration for the purchase of the next and subsequent books in the series, and he will be able to retain the same number for the whole set.

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God Created Man the Hunter
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