The Facts & the Fiction

In this book, among other things, the author identifies the animal rights doctrine as being the most insidious obstacle to the establishment of "best practice" elephant management programmes in Africa - from the 'Cape to Cairo'. He proves, with incontestable biological fact, that their propaganda - to the effect that "uncontrolled and uncontrollable commercial poaching is threatening the elephant with extinction" - is a blatant lie. And he asks the question: Why would the animal rightists do such a thing?

Determining the reason is quite simple, the author states, when it is understood that the animal rights doctrine supports the biggest confidence industry the world has ever known. The animal rightist NGOs tell this lie (and many others) - with great passion and emotion - in order to create hype and hysteria in the minds of honest, good people living in the First World (who know nothing about Africa's elephants or their management 'needs' - but who are concerned by the (false) information that the elephant is {supposedly} facing extinction). And they do this 'why?' In order to solicit donations from the unsuspecting public! These donations are to (ostensibly) 'help the NGOs save the elephant from extinction.' So the animal rightist NGOs are making money - a great deal of money - by purposely fabricating a lie; and their motive in disseminating this type of propaganda is purely to exploit a gullible public. It has nothing at all to do with saving the elephant from extinction - which threat does not even remotely exist!

The animal rightists' modus operandi, the author asserts, qualifies its operations as "racketeering" - which is recognized as being part and parcel of organised crime. Such is the calibre, therefore, of the animal rightists who falsely tell the world that their purpose is to help 'save' Africa's elephants from extinction - but who never spend a constructive dime on even trying to fulfill the bogus promises that they make to their unsuspecting donors.

The author explains that poverty and unemployment are the two main driving forces that induce the poor rural folk of Africa (the poachers who pull the triggers) to kill the continent's elephants and rhinos; and that they poach, not because they are 'greedy' (as the animal rightists portray them to be), but simply to survive. He then describes a solution to the commercial poaching problem - integrating the needs of the people with the needs of the national parks! He states that only when the controlled and sustainable use of Africa's elephants and rhinos proves (to those who pull the triggers) to be the best way to permanently end their poverty and unemployment, will they stop the poaching and start cooperating with the national park authorities. Only when the rural people of Africa view elephants and rhinos (and other wildlife) as being 'WILD products of the land' - that can contribute substantially to their survival (even more so than their cattle, sheep and goats) - will they start to nurture them with a constructive and emotional attachment. The alternative prognosis is that - as long as the people cannot make a legal living from these animals - they will continue to poach them, as and when they can, until there are none left.

Finally, the author introduces his new NGO - the TRUE GREEN ALLIANCE (TGA); and he explains how the TGA is designed to remove the animal rightist scourge from Africa's wildlife management equation. Only then, he explains, will Africa's people be able to develop a proper and socially-approved symbiotic relationship with the continent's wildlife. If Africa's wildlife is to survive into posterity - in the face of the continent's massive human population explosion - there IS no other solution to the commercial poaching problem

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