"In my opinion, Ron Thomson is one of the greatest wildlife, conservation and hunting writers of our time".
Marina Lamprecht
Namibian Professional Hunters Association, Windhoek, Namibia
27 August 2012
Ron Thomson has, on occasions, been described as a “Living Legend”. Others consider him to be a “Hunting Icon”. He commands the respect of hunters when they talk about him and when he talks to them. See his awards.
He has the kind of African “Big Five” hunting experience that modern hunters can only dream about. Furthermore it was conducted during a colonial period in Africa that is now long gone. Nobody now has any chance of replicating what Ron has achieved. All this hunting was conducted under totally fair-chase and free-range conditions, and in wild habitats where the animals could escape to the horizon and beyond, if they so wished.
Throughout his professional life Ron Thomson was a game warden in one or another of Africa’s national park organizations - mostly in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). In Rhodesia, his big game hunting experience grew out of government’s need to employ him, and others like him, to carry out problem animal control work - on leopards, lions, hippo, buffalo and elephant - wherever these animals were in conflict with man.  Ron and his supporting capture team also captured on foot, using conventional hunting techniques - but with only a dart gun in his hands - 140 black rhinos.
After twenty-four years of service in Rhodesia’s National Parks there was no other game ranger in the country who had expended more years hunting big game animals, who could better Ron’s hunting scores or who could challenge his supremacy.
He is a university trained ecologist and, for twenty years, was a Chartered Biologist for the European Union. He still writes books and articles explaining to the general public the principles and practices of sustainable nature conservation. In this regard he has been called ‘a visionary’.
Those who listen to him talk about wildlife management understand immediately that he has a great and avant-garde understanding of his subject. When he tells his big game hunting stories nobody is left in any doubt that this man has, indeed, an almost impossible-to-understand breadth and depth of experience. And, if one listens to him speaking, carefully, you come to understand, too, that during the years when he was active, he developed a very special and unique hunting skill that few hunters ever achieve.
Altogether Ron Thomson has 56 years of hands-on experience in wildlife management, national park administration and African big game hunting. He is also one of those unique people who has both extensive hands-on field experience and a thorough understanding of the science of his profession.

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